Artists Collaborate: David Furman and Robert Langford

David Furman and Robert Langford used to work on real estate deals together; now their focus is on art. Furman, a well-known architect, developer and sculptor, invited long-time friend and abstract artist Langford to paint one of his pieces for his series of new works titled Architechture II, at Charlotte's New Gallery of Modern Art. As part of a new series on artist collaborations for HappeningsCLT, I talked to them about their own artistic process and what it was like for one artist to engage so directly with the work of another. Read it here.


Artist Profile: Susan Brenner

Susan Brenner's art is beautiful and complex, just like life. In this "In Studio" profile for HappeningsCLT, we talked about the noise and mess of life, excess and absence, and the artist's need to understand -- to shape and connect with -- that which cannot be contained. Photography by Donna Bise.  


Artist Profile: Erik Waterkotte

Multi-media artist and UNCC professor Erik Waterkotte explores the architectural and cultural legacy of the McColl Center for Art + Innovation during his 2015 summer residency. I had a chance to talk to him about growing up in a family of builders, the aesthetic of ritual, and the belief systems we build as individuals and in community. He says he's drawn to printmaking, because it allows him to create marks in two places at once – each with its own significance and storyline. Article on McColl Center's blog here.


Artist profile: Tom Stanley

Tom Stanley is an artist and the current chair of Winthrop University's Department of Fine Art. I had the chance to talk to him about his paintings, public art collaborations and the experiences and mentors that inspire him. He often takes his works in progress out of the studio and into the hallway, to remind students and visitors that art is not just a theoretical endeavor: it's the act of making something that must be shared. Story on HappeningsCLT is here or click on the photo.


Artist profile: Charles Williams

The next time I find myself standing on the edge of fear or uncertainty, or am aswirl in self-doubt, I will think of the powerful work of artist Charles Williams, 2015 summer artist-in-residence at the McColl Center for Art + Innovation. His work explores the origins of fear, racial stereotypes, and how art helps us understand and overcome all of the above. Click on image or here for full story.